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Mheal Brings the Fix to Your Doorstep!

Looking for mobile repair in Bangalore? We bring the mobile repair shop straight to your home or office! Repairing everything from the everyday (cracked screens, draining batteries) to the epic (water damage, motherboard woes). Our certified technicians will reach your doorstep, diagnose your phone quickly, and fix it instantly within 30 minutes.


Say Goodbye to Bangalore Traffic and Mobile Repair Shops


Now ditch the frustration of waiting forever at repair shops, travelling through the infamous Bengaluru traffic with a broken phone, and worrying about your data security!


At Mheal, we are concerned about it. Our mobile repair services will make your phone feel brand new again at your own home or office.

About our Mobile repair services

Our highly trained technicians come armed with the latest tools and expertise to tackle a whole range of smartphone issues, including:

Shattered Screen? 

We'll make that spiderweb disappear faster than you can say "upgrade." Our screen repairs are lightning-fast and flawless, leaving your display crystal clear in just 30 minutes.

Battery draining? We can recharge your smartphone's power!

Is your phone more interested in napping than taking calls? We can diagnose the culprit and replace your battery with a top-notch one, bringing your phone back to life.

Charging Jack Woes?

Is your phone playing dead when you plug it in? We'll diagnose and fix your charging jack, so you can keep the power flowing.

Microphone Mishaps? We'll Make Sure You're Heard Loud and Clear! 

Can't those on the other end hear you? Our mic repair service will get your voice booming again.

Ear Speaker Issue?

Can't hear the other side? We'll banish muffled calls with our ear speaker repair expertise.

Camera Calamity? We'll Get You Capturing Memories Again! 

Is your camera taking blurry pictures or refusing to cooperate? We'll diagnose the issue and get you back to capturing those Instagram-worthy moments.

Phone Acting Possessed? We Speak Diagnostic!

Is your phone a complete mystery? Our technicians are Sherlock Holmes when it comes to phone problems. They'll uncover the gremlins and bring your device back from the brink.

Water Damage? We Can Salvage Your Soaked Smartphone! 

Did your phone take an unintended swim? We've got specialized water damage repair techniques to revive your drowned friend.

Glass got cracked? We'll Replace It in a Flash! 

Is your phone's glass shattered but the touch still works? We'll replace the broken glass, making your phone look as good as new.

Body Broken? Don't Worry, We'll Make It New Again! 

Did your phone take a tumble and end up with a bent or broken body? Our body repair service will get your phone back in fighting shape.

Broken Back Panel? We've Got Your Back (Literally!) 

Is the cracked back panel bringing down your phone's swagger? We'll replace that shattered back glass and restore your phone's stylish look.

Why Mheal

Doorstep Mobile Repair

Doorstep Mobile Repair

Payment After Repair

Payment After Repair

Trained Technician

Trained Technician

3 to 12 Months Warranty

3 to 12 Months Warranty

Quality Parts

Quality Parts

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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We repair in various locations across Bangalore:

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